Confirmation Mails are sent to participants. Please Check your Inbox/Spam/Junk Folders. Reply your acceptance. Accomodation will be provide on twin sharing basis.

About The Program

This FDP aims at providing a forum for members of the research and academic community, to interact on cutting-edge and ground breaking topics in Big Data Analytics some of its objectives:

  • • To promote and foster Big Data Science, Technology and Applications in the country and to develop core generic technologies, tools and algorithms for wider applications in IT and Government Organizations.
  • • To ensure faculty members are trained in the niche area of, big data analytics platforms Hadoop, Hadoop-Related Projects, Spark etc.), machine learning techniques and its use in analytics, NoSQL databases, and security and privacy issues in big data analytics.
  • • To impart the state of art knowledge of advances in research, different tools and real time applications of big data (Big Data Analytics in e-Government and Society, Healthcare, Transportation, Business etc.).
  • • To strengthen specialized research areas of big data analytics.

Expected Outcome

Upon successful completion of the training programme, participants would be able to not only contribute as a Data Science Team Member on big data and other Analytics projects but also take up research by:

  • • Deploying the Data Analytics Lifecycle to address big data Analytics projects.
  • • Reframing a business challenge as an analytics challenge.
  • • Applying appropriate analytic techniques and tools to analyze big data, create statistical models, and identify insights that can lead to actionable results.
  • • Selecting appropriate data visualizations to clearly communicate Analytic insights to business sponsors and analytic audiences.
  • • Using tools such as: R and RStudio, MapReduce/Hadoop.

Benefits to Faculty

  • • Big Data Fundamentals, Models and Frameworks for Big Data, Advances in Big Data Analytics
  • • Advanced Methods for Big Data Analytics (Text Analytics, Video Analytics, Audio Analytics, and Predictive Analytics etc.), Machine Learning Techniques
  • • Infrastructures for Big Data, High Performance Computing including Parallel & Distributed Processing, Cloud Based Infrastructures (Applications, Storage & Computing Resources)
  • • Big Data Management and Frameworks, Distributed Database Systems, Distributed File Systems, Novel Data Management Methods, Stream Data Management
  • • Role of Big Data in Design of Web Recommender Systems, Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics, The Fog Data Analytics Through Edge Clouds
  • • Advanced applications of Big Data Analytics (E-Government and Society, Healthcare, Transportation, Business etc.)
  • • Hands on sessions on Big Data Open Platforms (Apache Hadoop, Hadoop-Related Apache Projects, Apache Spark)
  • • Security & Privacy in the Era of Big Data, Privacy Threats of Big Data, Privacy Preserving Big Data Publishing, Intrusion Detection

Hands-on Training will be in the afternoon sessions